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Hello people of the world!

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Times are obviously quite wild, but on the bright side, it’s forced me to simmer down and finally write another post.

As an extraverted introvert, I am enjoying the indoors in my comfy clothes posting weird instagram stories. But as an introspective human, it’s been rough because I have a bit too much time to think about all that’s going on within me. It’s even more difficult as an empath because I’m absorbing the world’s panic.

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I imagine this is the case for some of you out there and I wanted to share some therapy gems and random stuff that have helped me push through.

Create Your Garden

My 4th therapist was an absolute treasure who taught me how to create space in my mind to relieve stress. One of my favourite exercises we did was creating my mind garden. I’m sure I will botch how she explained it, but basically I closed my eyes and she began to walk me through my “mind garden”.

First, you’re walking along a path and the path can look however you want and the weather is however you please. As you’re walking you approach a gate, once you open it, you enter your dream garden. It can have a small pond, a giant willow tree, soft grass, or whatever is going to put you at ease. Mine has a super cute puppy that will lay in the grass with me under the sun. AND NO ANTS!

I visit my garden when things are a bit too hectic in the real world. It’s a nice 5-10 minute escape to de-stress.

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The Breathing Square

The Breathing Square exercise was shared with me by my current therapist! This one is quick, simple and easy to do if you don’t want people to notice you’re having a slight panic attack. If you don’t have access to the fancy animated square below, try tracing a square with your finger as you inhale-hold-exhale-hold for each side.

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Lighten Up the Timeline

Naturally, I am an unashamed goofball and in these uncertain times I get to really shine happy rays on the public. While on lockdown I’ve been posting an assortment of ridiculous videos, good news and positive quotes on my instagram to keep people encouraged. I’ve loved getting all of the laugh reacts and grateful messages from others about how it’s taken their mind off of everything. As they say, laughter is indeed the best medicine. Here’s one of my goofy clips from when I was getting song requests:

Some Instagram accounts that have been keeping my eyes on the light at the end of the tunnel are:

  • @the_happy_broadcast
  • @hertrueworth
  • @thisfeelsnice
  • @morganharpernichols
  • @bymariandrew

Walking, Talking and Creating

If you can go on a quick walk in a park or around your neighbourhood (social distancing of course) I highly recommend it. I miss my peaceful water walks near my job, but a walk around the block will have to cut it for now. There’s nothing like fresh spring air, especially after being cooped up in your home for longer than usual. Your body will thank you!

Oddly enough, I have been enjoying messaging people instead of a phone call as of late, I have no idea what that’s about. Maybe because it passes more time having to type a response rather than saying it out loud? Uncertain. Either way, human connection is paramount in all its forms right now. It’s given me time to catch up with people who normally have a schedule opposite of mine. There are blessings in this storm for sure.

Although the situation is grave, this is where creativity tends to shine! My mind has already been churning with music, words and ideas. The MIDI keyboard is nearby, my journal is open and I still have a few pages left in my canvas notebook to do some watercoloring. Y’all I LOVE watercoloring!!! One of the most useful hobbies that came out of my horrid 2019. I’m so bad painting, but goodness it is SO therapeutic that I don’t even care. Who knows, maybe I’ll finally get better at blending over these next few weeks! Also simply watching watercolour videos are calming for me. If you like the GIF below, you’ll probably enjoy it too!

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I’ve figured out a few hacks that’ll work for me and hopefully will help you as well! But I can’t lie, this is tough. Personally, I miss being able to go to coffee shops and DJing weddings, both are not possible indefinitely. I do, however, believe we will totally get through this. Patience, hope and unity need to be our companions right now as we wade in uncertainty. If I have learned nothing else over the past 4-5 years, it’s that things will always change. We will not be on lockdown forever. I hope you take this opportunity to rediscover yourself, those around you and this world. I love you all, please take care of yourself and if you’re good then support those in need, we need each other more than we have in quite a while.

The end of a matter is better than its beginning; a patient spirit is better than a proud spirit.

Ecclesiastes 7:8


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