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It’s been quite sometime since my last post! As I stated before, I wanted 2021 to be a year of silence, healing and deep connection and I’ve done a pretty good job at living it out. I’ve kept my social media at a minimum (or just straight up deleted), further reduced my social circle and honoured my feelings. It’s been fairly peaceful, life never completely stops being a whirlwind, but I’ve been better at removing myself from nonsense I don’t have to be a part of.

As the months of 2021 trudged on, I didn’t feel pulled to write and I started a countdown to see how long I would feel distant from this site. Eventually my thoughts for a farewell post started to form and it felt right. I almost ended this blog in 2019, but there was a bit more in the tank, now I believe it has served its purpose. 2020 was the year for this blog to inspire others to take their healing seriously, here are a few messages I got:

  • Just wanted to tell you that your blog has been helping my sister. She just started therapy and read your recent blog and is now more willing to give it a chance.
  • I shared with my daughter today that you wrote a blog and expressed how much your therapist has helped you and asked her if she is ok with me reaching out to for a therapist, she said yes for the first time. This is a breakthrough.
  • I found a therapist in November. Things are going really well, thank you for all your support and help.

On top of that I’ve had so many amazing conversations with others realizing their mental blocks and unhealthy coping mechanisms they’ve long ignored. I’m amazed and jealous that most of these folks have found a great first therapist, I was not so lucky lol. I feel very blessed to have been used through this blog to impact people worldwide.

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I have no idea what’s next for me as my previous self continues to shed and a new me emerges. I’ve retired from DJing weddings (unless I promised you years ago), I’m ending this blog and losing my globetrotting spirit. My perception of God, humans and this life has been fluctuating like crazy, but that’s pretty normal for me at this point. It’s becoming easier to accept the uncertain nature of this world, I tend to expect instability much more than I once did. Less expectations do the heart well.

The rest of my life is wide open and I don’t really have any “must-haves” or “must-dos”. There are fleeting ideas, but nothing setting my heart ablaze, I’m sure passion will make its way to me when it’s ready. This chapter is so interesting because all of my life I’ve be ON and energized to the nth degree. Now I’m just floating and it’s not bad, just very different and that’s okay. I imagine I’m in an interlude before the next act in a show. I’m a bit nervous about what will happen next, but I’m certain it will be interesting as always.

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“I want this venture to be genuine, healthy, and characterised by quality not quantity.”

That is a quote from a 2018 post as I was finding my blogging groove and I believe I achieved it. I respected my privacy, was honest, didn’t put pressure on myself to post and I hope this has been a high quality blog. This “censored diary” is something I’m proud of and glad I pursued for the last few years. It has truly been special.

I will deleting this blog in in a week or two to give folks time to sift through it once more. Feel free to reach out while it’s still up, it’s been so sweet to hear from you all through different channels. Since I’m no longer on social media, you’re a real one if you see this post, subscribers get the last laugh 😂 But seriously I love you all and it has been such a wonderful 4 years posting, thanks for joining the ride!

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