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Hidden from the world’s eye was an Aviary made of gold, it housed wounded birds both young and old. It was owned by a kind Healer with steady hands, He devoted His life to healing birds from all over the lands. Many birds would visit, but chose not to live, yet the ones who remained received the best of what He had to give. They became His voice to all near and far, that declared healing to any no matter who they are. The Healer urged them:

“Beloved birds, beloved birds you have been healed! Gather the broken to me from valley and field. Fly east, fly west, south and north! Do not delay you must go forth!”

Off they flew with a sparkle in their eyes, eager to bring hope to the anguished cries.


Within the flock was a bird named April who was quirky and carefree. Her humorous nature always left a trail of shining glee. She delighted in bringing birds to the Healer and see them restored. She loved seeing the transformations, every time she was floored.

This day as she was flying her life was about to change, when she heard a solemn song from below on the barren range:

“Oo Oo My heart is shattered and my feathers torn. I long to laugh, but can only mourn. I wish I could slumber instead of cry, I’ve only known sorrow and I don’t know why.”

April’s heart quickened as she zoomed to the lament, she sang sweetly as she ended her descent:

“Beloved bird, beloved bird your wounds are deep and your cry has been heard! Let me bring you to the Healer, He’s healed so many. He’ll take your little and make it plenty!”

The bird looked up at her with an intense gaze and April felt her heart suddenly ablaze. She instantly cared for her more deeply than any bird before, this reaction frightened her about what was in store.

The bird’s name was May and her wounds were as deep as her feathers were blue. She immediately trusted April to take her to the Healer where she could be made new. April rushed to the Healer with May perched on her back. Her strength from the Healer made up for what May had lacked.

mountain fly

April was thrilled for May, knowing the Healer would give her life. His great kindness would cure May’s bruises from deep strife. May laughed as they flew to the Aviary, April’s humor was contagious. She appreciated her company even though April was a bit outrageous.

“Oh Healer, oh Healer! Here is bird who wants to be revived!” April stayed nearby from the moment they had arrived.

The other birds in the Aviary had never seen April quite like this. Most saw it as lovely, though a few thought something was amiss. She flew out less as the weeks went by, the adventurous bird gradually became shy. Each stage of May’s healing April would check in wanting to know as much as she could. May wouldn’t tell her everything, but she assured her the Healer’s work was good. April chirped:

“Your feathers are so beautiful! Your wings so strong!”

April looked at her own as if something was wrong. The Healer gave May dazzling feathers as she let go of her old. They were a bluish-green with tiny flecks of gold. May sang brightly:

“I love the Healer and the Healer loves me! He released me from disaster and now I am truly free!” 

Silently in her heart, April envied a freedom she had yet to taste. She wondered if her years near the Healer were just a waste. Ashamed of her thoughts she pushed them down below, but everything that’s hidden will surely start to show.

Now that May was strong enough to fly, she had an important choice to make. She could either leave the Aviary or decide to stay. The decision was as clear as could possibly be, the Healer deeply loved her, why would she flee? April was ecstatic for she had hoped May would remain. Now they could soar together redeeming birds from pain.

Navigating the skies was never more delightful than when they flew together. April had hoped these pleasant moments would last forever. They giggled endlessly and shared their stories as they ventured over seas and many territories.


One windy afternoon, they settled on an oak branch and talked for hours on end. It was then that May confidently spoke:

“April, you are my best friend!”

Fear seized April for this pricked an old wound she fought to escape. It was in this moment May noticed the inside of April’s wing had a sizeable scrape. May exclaimed:

“What’s that I see? It seems you might be hurt!” 

It terrified April that May was so alert.

“It is a deep wound, but don’t get too close. I always end up harming those I love the most.” 

“April, I accept you just as you’ve accepted me. You’re the kindest bird I’ve had the privilege to meet! Take one of my feathers it’s the least I can do, I am loved by the Healer thanks to you!”

May lightly winced as she plucked it from her wing. April couldn’t believe May would do such a daring thing! Hesitantly, she accepted May’s feather and so their bond grew stronger together.

What was once a kind gesture became an expectation. A wonderful friendship became a dreadful situation. The Healer noticed April visited Him less and less, but He waited patiently because He knew it was best. May, however consistently went to the Healer, in love with who He was. The best part of her days were His warm, healing hugs.


On a gray afternoon, May went to find April, she thought good news would help her be grateful.

“Oh April the Healer is my greatest friend, may my glorious times with Him never end!”

April was hidden beneath a great willow tree, May knew she was there, but couldn’t fully see.

“April my dear friend why do you hide? It’s not like you to stay inside.”

“Go away May, go away! I cannot fly with you, no not on this day!”

Ignoring her demand, May soared closer with concern in her eyes. Her greatest strength and weakness was her ability to empathize.

“This is not you April, you’re just going through a trial. All you need is to sit with the Healer for a while!”

April’s appearance had faded, her wound worse than ever before. She tried to swat May away, but her wing was too sore.

“I have only hurt you May please believe this fact! Once you see how true this is you will surely turn your back!”

Now May’s eyes filled with tears, she hated that April had become infected with fears.

“That’s not true April, you’re believing lies! I’ll carry you to the Healer, your spirits He will rise!”

May rushed to the Healer with April perched on her back. Her strength from the Healer made up for what April had lacked.

mountain fly

May placed April before the Healer pleading for His aid. She could not bear the distress and how heavy it weighed. The Healer softly spoke:

“May, your love is fierce and your heart is pure, but this is something April must choose to endure.”

April stared into the distance, refusing to look His way. Feeling the last of her strength slip away. Suddenly, in a sharp blast she gave a shout:

“If I am going to live May must go out!”

Her own words pained her for she loved May with all her heart. But if there was anyway she could be a true friend, this was how to start. They wrestled with leaving each other and gradually began to weep. May understood it was best and flew off as the night became deep.


Shame, guilt, and heartache plagued April day and night. Her healing seemed to be a never-ending fight.

“Oh Healer, my Healer why did I stray? I should have known better than to rely on May. Many years in your care yet have I healed at all? Cast me from your presence, into a pit I must fall! I took you for granted and hurt many of your own. A bird like me does not deserve a place in Your home!”

“Beloved bird, beloved bird accept my compassion. On healing and love must your attention fasten. Once more you’ll be able to soar through the skies, but for now your heart must heal from the lies.”

“I have failed you and destroyed your work!” The Healer looked at her with a light smirk.

“You cannot ruin what I have healed. What you thought was hidden was never concealed. The healing process is detailed and takes some time, it is not a short walk but rather a long climb.”

This discouraged April for she felt hopelessly weak. So the Healer began to sing to April as bitter tears wet her beak. Day after day she made the choice to remain in the Aviary and be healed by His voice.

“Someday all will be made new, an altogether different May and a different you. Peace will come to every bird who has remained and their healing will be complete. Until that eternal time stay here and trust in what I have said will be.”

“I love you Healer and you love me. I cannot imagine this, but one day I will see.”


A small circle of birds who once saw April at her best surrounded her with love during her exhausting quest. They sang songs of hope when she couldn’t sing at all and comforted her when she could only bawl.

“April, April, you’ve helped many birds in this Aviary! You will get through this, we know it seems scary. Know the Healer can heal even this, He will give you life and everlasting bliss!”

Many nights were hard and April was tempted to run, but the Healer whispered to her:

“Beloved bird, I am not done.”

At this she grew silent, her face downcast. She struggled to have hope as she faced her dark past.

“Look up, look up! Keep your eyes ahead. If things need healing that means they are not dead.”

As months passed, April learned new songs from the Healer she would softly sing, the graceful melodies treated her crippled wing. She had listened to these songs before, but the meaning was new. With each note she heard her feathers gained a richer hue.


The birds exclaimed:

“April! April! Look how you’ve grown! Your color is returning and your voice has a new tone!”

It was hard for April to see because guilt still held her close. She did not want to be hopeful, not even a small dose. The birds could see this and prepared April to meet with May. The fear of this was deep, but April understood she had apologies to say.

“Surely May must have realized how damaging I had become. If we should see each other again I imagine she would run!”

The birds did not believe this would be so, for what is a better apology than one who has chosen to grow? It was challenging for April to accept for she knew how much she failed, but she allowed a tiny glimmer of hope to prevail.


The time had come to face May after a good while. April expected the worst, her anxiety forming into a pile. As she flew to meet her, she came across a note. It seemed to be a letter that May herself wrote:

“April, I assumed I would be ready to see you, but it seems I cannot. The pain I endured from you was much deeper than I thought. I hope this will free you, I wish you well. But there is no longer friendship for us as far as I can tell.”

And so again the sharp sword of guilt ran through April with all its might and floods of sorrow blinded her sight. She sped to the Healer, and He gently took her into His Hands, singing sweetly to her His comforting plans:

“I know your past, present, and future as well. Though you are crushed now, from within new songs will swell. Your wings will be even stronger and your feathers renewed, I have set out to fully heal all who have been abused. Every bird who remains with me will receive my very best. It may seem like an endless storm, but there will be an unshakable rest.”

There were more difficult nights and April was tempted to run, but the Healer constantly assured her:

“Beloved bird, I am not done.”



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