The Young Wanderers Club

I’ve hit a bit of a block as I’ve tried to figure out my next blog topic so I’ve just been sauntering through life waiting for inspiration to hit and then BAM! It was a complete accident, but many great things come unexpectedly.

I was on my way to this hip place named Atomica Cafe to spend the day submitting job applications, read my Bible, and soak in Fitzroy vibes then a millennial tragedy struck. I realised I left my phone charger in my room and my phone was near death which I needed in order to get to my destination. As I was switching train lines I walked into a random cafe to see if anyone had a charger I could use. The waiter there was super kind and took my phone to the back so I could revitalise my beloved Pepper (my iPhone’s name). He came back to the front and asked me where I came from. “Texas” I replied. “Ahhh, a good ol’ American southern girl.” He quipped. He then asked my age and I told him I was 25, which shocks people all the time because I apparently look 18 or 19 #blackdontcrack. Turns out he’s a young twenty-something from Miami and he proceeded to ask me, “Does life become any more clear at the age of 25?” To which I laughed and told him about my decision to leave my comfortable job in Dallas to live abroad. He got the idea after that.

I have run into so many people like myself in Melbourne who have been granted the Working Holiday Visa and are living the gypsy life. Some of us live in hostels, some couch surf, some have a work and live agreement and others, like myself, have a host family. We’re either looking for work, have a job, or have been fortunate enough to just travel around freely with our savings. I’d like to imagine we’re in this unspoken yet understood coalition called the Young Wanderers Club. Maybe our motto is something cheesy like, “Not all who wander are lost” or the Drake inspired “YOLO”. Or it’s painfully honest which would be, “We do not know what we’re doing, so we thought traveling abroad might help.”

Personally, my aims as entered into my year long adventure in Australia were:

  • Grow closer to God
  • Finish my book
  • Keep being a servant of Jesus
  • Clean eating, thinking, and living

Nothing necessarily career centred or even having to do with “finding myself”. But I still definitely feel the wanderer floating within me. I wonder often what I will be like by this time next year. Will I be ready to finally sit still and be a good employee and stay situated at a company until I’m 65 years old? Will I find the idea of settling down in a suburb with a husband and kids enrapturing? Or will this theme of travelling anywhere and doing all sorts of things be my life’s arc? Some hybrid of both? Then I thought of this scripture:

“When times are good, be happy; but when times are bad consider this: God has made the one as well as the other. Therefore no one can discover anything about their future.” -Ecclesiastes 7:14

I’d like to consider this moment in my life one of the good times. Wandering freely getting to know myself, my God, and the people and surroundings of this gorgeous city daily. Whether this stays a good time or becomes a bad one, I still have no idea what my future holds, only the one who holds it.


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