The Daring Leap

G’day Mate!
Sorry, I had to do it at least once. My name is Anijah Moore and around a week ago I was most likely flying over the Pacific Ocean. Long story short, I chose to quit my comfortable, corporate job in Dallas, TX to live for one year in Melbourne, Australia. It’s been exhilarating so far, but to be truthful, the months leading up to my move were quite anxiety filled. Here is an excerpt from my journal a few weeks before I left Texas:




 It’s been difficult to be truly excited about my adventure to Australia because it seems so foolish and risky. But some of the greatest discoveries and most interesting stories ever told have come from these type of circumstances. 

I keep hearing people tell me, “This is the best time to do it because you’re young, unmarried, and can still bounce back if it’s a failure.” Fewer people than I expected think it’s a bad idea. What I also hear often is, “I wish I could go and do something like that, but I’m too scared/broke/tied to a person or circumstance.” I hope this wild leap of faith I’m taking will be inspiration to those neglecting their dreams. I pray my example will breathe life into the suffocated hopes many have buried.

I firmly believe certain dreams rest on humans’ hearts for a reason. Those dreams are meant to take on a life of their own through each of us. Maybe it’s not traveling the world; instead it could be starting a nonprofit or adopting a child or switching career paths or buying a house. Talk with those who know you well, get advice, pray, and prepare for the adventure. I hope you will and I hope I can truly take my own advice.

The number of times I nearly canceled my flight is embarrassing. I couldn’t imagine that such a whimsical decision would be blessed by God. I felt the American Dream tugging at my heart-strings, something I never really cared for before I had my job position. I was comfortable. But there is another side of me that’s unpredictable and filled with wanderlust. That side of me was dying with each day I spent in the office ignoring the life I truly wanted to live. Don’t get me wrong, I would not have been able to afford this journey I’m now on without it, but I was definitely at a crossroads. Now that I’m here in Melbourne, I’m so glad I took the risk. Granted, it’s been a little under a week, but I’m excited about being here! Not sure what’s ahead but I know… Moore Awaits 😉

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because the world needs people who have come alive.”

– Howard Thurman

6 thoughts on “The Daring Leap”

  1. Hey this is awesome. Thanks for sharing this. Glad you took that leap of faith and didn’t cancel that flight. I hope everything works out for you!!

  2. So glad to have you talk about your journey since I will literally be doing the same thing soon! I have been feeling a lot of the same things so it’s comforting to hear that you did too and still trust in God! (: can’t wait to meet ya!

  3. Today I listened to a sermon in the way to work and reminded me of your “leap of faith”. When the pastor mentioned that sometimes we are traveling to a destination and driving in the dark but can only see a few feet at a time and cannot see the entire route and destination but we have faith and trust in god that we will have a journey along the way all relying on faith . Your journey is the same way and then I missed splitting my breakfast burritos with you in the morning ♥️

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